DOCUMENTARY, 88 min (in post-production)

The film tells the stories of three children and their children parliaments in India.
Sri Priya (14) is home minister in her village and takes care of the garbage problems.
As the cultural minister, Shaktivel (15), along with the other children of his village parliament, starts a campaign against alcohol, as many of the fathers have drinking problems.
Swarna Lakshmi (15), blind from birth, holds the highest position as the prime minister of India’s children parliaments. She acts on national and international level to ensure that child rights are implemented in India as well as the rest of the world.
The film accompanies the children through their actions and gives insight into their family lives.
Not only the individual lives of the children are changed by the children parliaments; the whole community experiences changes through the children’s undertakings.

DIRECTOR  Anna Kersting // PRODUCER  Anna Kersting Filmproduktion // CINEMATOGRAPHY  Rateesh Ravindran // FILM EDITOR  Katharina Fiedler // SOUND  Amrith Shankar // UNIT MANAGER & TRANSLATOR  Arthi Vendan // ANIMATION  Deniz Zagli // SOUND DESIGN  Denis Elmaci, Johannes Kunz // SOUND MIX  Johannes Kunz // MUSIC  Manickam Yogeswaran

Cinepänz Children Filmfestival Köln, Germany
Internationalen Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany
Filmfest Osnabrück, Germany
Nürnberg International Human Rights Film Festival, Germany
Düsseldorf Kinderfilmfestival, Germany
SIFFCY – Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth, New Delhi, India
Weyauwega International Film Festival, USA
Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival, Ireland
13th Festival of Documentary Film for Human Rights, Kyrgyzstan