Our Wildest Dreams tells a story of contemporary nomadic life, of its beauty and its hardships.

Foots and Torjus are united by their desire to be out in the wild and always on the move. At once underchallenged by the paucity of authentic experience available to them in society, they long to confront the wildness of the environment, in which they can finally feel themselves and the self-will of nature.

 We roam through the deep forests of Norway, stroll through the American asphalt jungle and fathom the feral edges of the human mind.

DIRECTOR  Marie Elisa Scheidt // PRODUCER  Lucia Scharbatke & Marie Elisa Scheidt // PRODUCED BY  Kaamos Film // CO-PRODUCED BY  University of Television and Film Munich // CINEMATOGRAPHY  Julian Krubasik & Moritz Tessendorf // SOUND  Andreas Goldbrunner & Philip Huter // FILM EDITOR  Katharina Fiedler // SOUNDDESIGN  Clemens Becker

Rhode Island Int. Film Festival