SHORT FILM, 34 min

Driven by his brutishly possessive love for daughter Lilly (22), her anarchistic, egomaniac father Hannes (58) shoots Lilly’s 50-year-old boyfriend and buries him in the woods.
Cushioned by their daily lives in a one-cop, one-priest village, people are absorbed with themselves as much as they are with everyone else.
So well-known each is to the other, no one would seriously suspect anyone.
A peculiar, atmospheric depiction of the great love between father and daughter.

WITH  Michael Altmann, Lilith Stangenberg, Simon Schwarz, Inga Busch

WRITTEN & DIRECTED  Barbara Ott // PRODUCER Anja Goll, Julia Wagner // CINEMATOGRAPHY  Eva Katharina Bühler // EDITING  Katharina Fiedler // SOUND  Thomas Siegert // PRODUCTION DESIGN  Wolf von Gemmingen // MUSIC  Elena Maier